JCI 2023 NP Meets JCI First National President
JCI 2023 NP Meets JCI First National President

Junior Chamber International Ghana President reconnects 1st National President

"It was such an enlightening moment to meet with the 1st President of JCI Ghana, PP Senator Samuel Jacobs. Prof. Jacobs-Abbey is an inspiration to our organisation. The depth of wisdom and knowledge shared inspires me to be committed to our organisational mission and vision,  said President Mennel"

The connection and camaraderie we shared were truly heartwarming, he reassured.

Past President Samuel holds cherished memories of collaboration, growth, and community impact. Reconnecting with the JCI spirit and ideals through this meeting with President Mennel  reminded him of the transformative power of young leaders coming together to create positive change.

Mr President further stated that, "our time together was marked by engaging conversations and an exchange of ideas that reaffirmed the timeless relevance of the JCI mission. The commitment to personal development, community involvement, and the pursuit of excellence were palpable throughout our discussion."

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